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With passion for the ocean, islandlife, surfculture, cetaceans, conscious living and spirituality.
71% of the surface of our planet is covered by the ocean and deserves more attention.

ocean. cetaceans. surfculture. islandlife. travel. spirituality.

Delfinschwimmen auf Big Island, Hawaii

Verspürst du eine Sehnsucht nach Delfinen? Gibt es in deinem Alltag immer wieder Synchronizitäten, die dich an Delfine erinnern? Triffst du regelmässig auf Menschen, die eine Affinität zu Delfinen haben? Dann ist es vielleicht kein Zufall, dass du jetzt diesen Beitrag liest. Du kannst dem Ruf der Delfine mit Leichtigkeit folgen - aber wie? Meditiere mit ihnen von zu Hause aus, empfange ihre Botschaften und spüre ihre Energie. In diesem Zustand ist es möglich, über deine bildhafte Vorstellung mit ihnen zu kommunizieren, in ihrem Pod zu schwimmen und den [...]

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SWELL: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening

When Liz was 9, her family spent a year sailing the Mexican coast. “That trip inspired my dream to sail around the world,” she says. After college, she turned her dream into reality, leaving Southern California in her 40-foot sailboat, Swell. Now, when not surfing perfect reef passes in the South Pacific, she’s working to raise environmental awareness through writing, film and photography. In true stories overflowing with wild waves and constant challenges, at the whim of the weather, relationships sweet and sour, nature’s marvels and colorful cultures, Liz [...]

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Hanalei Reponty | Abysse Wetsuits & Bikinis

Hanalei from Abysse: "I am from Tahiti, an island lost in the Pacific Ocean. I learned how to swim before I could walk, and that is when I discovered the beauty of nature and all the treasures in the ocean. I was born and raised in paradise, and my love for the ocean became unconditional." "Surfing came as a natural thing in my life, like a blessing from the universe. The best part of surfing is being in the line-up, surrounded by the infinity of waves and people I [...]

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Patricia Leo, Hawaii Resident Artist

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, had not afforded Patricia the opportunity to see the ocean till the age of 16. Needless to say this was more that a thrill and had a large effect on her life. It became an affirmation of a true desire to always be near the sea. Upon arriving on the island of Kauai in 1974, it didn't take Patricia long to realize that Hawaii was where she wanted to make her home. Patricia's early adventures in Hawaii of camping and roughing it for a [...]

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Studio Sundaze Goes International

Sundaze is a creative studio inspired by the surf culture and its habitat - the ocean. They fuse nature with urbanity and are thrilled to combine raw materials with synthetic ones. Every piece they handshape out of the same materials used in the surfboard shaping craft - foam, fiberglass and epoxy resin. See products. James Feverish all-rounder and head-critic, this guy is a part-time bartender with organizational sociology background and zero social media skills. He's figuring out our finances, filing on texts and shaping our tables, after [...]

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Sustainable Dolphin Swims in Hawaii

As many of you know, swimming and interacting with free dolphins can be heart-opening, healing, and life-changing. This is huge for us humans! Interspecies connection and interspecies communication is important for mankind especially in this day and age. It makes us more conscious and sensitive to our environment. Dolphins are sacred. They are Divine. The Nai’a (Hawaiian for dolphin) are great teachers. When we are in their midst it is as if they are our mirror. For what we see in them, we often struggle and fail to see [...]

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Hawaii Vintage & Surf Art

Nick Kuchar

Nick grew up drawing & surfing in Florida. He enjoys surfing, baseball statistics, listening to Muddy Waters, herding cats, & driving his VW bus. Nick is inspired by the early days of surfing & beach culture, including the vintage color palette, typography & nostalgia that goes along with it.

He resides on the island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i where he creates tasty compositions to share with his friends & strangers.

Several boutiques and galleries started to take note of his retro styled travel prints and slowly but surely his work started to become available in shops throughout the islands and beyond.

Heather Brown

Growing up in a family of artists and artisans in Southern California, Heather found her passions in both art and nature at a very early age.

Later, working as a boat captain and dive master to put herself through the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at The University of Hawaiʻi gave Heather the perfect vantage point to fill her head with the beautiful imagery of the Hawaiian Islands.

Heather honed her artistic skills as a student at the University, focusing primarily on the “lost arts” of intaglio printmaking, silkscreen printing, linocuts, woodcuts, and etchings which explains where her iconic style was born and bred.

“I have always only had one goal in mind when creating art since I was very young and it has never changed, I just want to make art that brings smiles to peoples faces and aloha to their hearts.”  Heather Brown

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